The following are testimonials from some of my clients. 

After 20 years of recurrent dreams and panic sticken moments all filled with depression and anxiety, i have finally found relief through my EMDR sessions. I had previously been to many other counselors which had gone nowhere, I decided to try Linda Six. I chose her because she has extensive knowledge and experience with EMDR. Through my EMDR sessions we were able to free me of the horrid pain I had embedded in me for decades. Most importantly, I am without that sickening feeling inside when an old memory, fear, or thought flashes through me. EMDR and Linda changed my life! Jaime

Depression and anxiety had been my constant unwanted companions since my teens. Despite antidepressant medications and several attempts at working with counselors, I still felt weighed down and unable to enjoy life. A few years ago, I started noticing myself spiraling down even further. By chance, I came across an article about EMDR for childhood trauma, and at the urging of my family I looked for a therapist who was trained in this type of therapy. I was so fortunate to locate Linda! When I started working with her, her first concern was to help me get stabilized to the point of being ready to embark on the EMDR journey. Once we started EMDR, she was always very attuned and sensitive to the pacing of our work together, and to how far we should go during a particular session.

Along with the EMDR, Linda also taught me several other techniques to help me improve my day-to-day functioning and to overcome counterproductive habits that I had developed over the years. It is always obvious how much Linda cares about her patient’s overall wellness.

Over time, I started noticing incredible improvements in my thought patterns and processes. I now can happily report that the negative, destructive, recurrent thoughts that had plagued me since childhood have virtually disappeared, my sleep has vastly improved, my marriage is much healthier. Best of all, I can truly say for the first time since I was a young kid that, instead of a mindset of self-hatred, I actually like the person that I am. I honestly never imagined that this would ever be possible! I feel so very fortunate and grateful that I found such a talented and dedicated therapist in Linda. She has been a gift and a blessing to my existence. Deborah

When I first began seeing Linda Six, I was riddled with high levels of anxiety as well as panic attacks that had exploded after a serious bout of insomnia. Linda offered me various calming techniques that helped but did not get to the root of my anxiety. When Linda eventually recommended the EMDR therapy, I was very skeptical. I was certain it would not work at all. I reluctantly tried it and am so thankful that I did. It allowed me to conquer my past anxiety triggers. EMDR coupled with the previous techniques we went over has changed my life. I now know how to manage what is left of my anxiety, and I have control of it rather than it controlling me. Thanks, J.

EMDR is different from any other type of counseling I’ve done in the past. EMDR works! I was skeptical at first, but I was willing to give it a try. EMDR helped me process traumatic events that have shaped my life. It now feels like I have finally dealt with these events on all levels-body, mind, and emotion. I feel like the past burdens have been lifted. I feel more calm and positive about moving forward with my life and my goals/dreams as well as making choices that are healthy for me when challenging or stressful situations arise. Susan  The work I have done with Linda has helped tremendously with my panic and anxiety. It has been hard work but it truly has helped me feel like myself again. I now respond to things more appropriately without the anxiety taking over. Christina

During management coaching and work with a different therapist, I started to uncover painful childhood memories which had affected me in ways that I didn’t realize. Then, after being displaced from my employer and a subsequent depression diagnosis, everything came crashing down on me and I began to see Linda. I was a wreck. Linda worked with me to help me understand what was going on and, through EMDR, resolve the immense hurt and anger I was feeling. Sometimes I’m still amazed at the extent of the anger I had crammed down inside of me. We also worked on cognitive therapies and journaling as well as understanding how lifestyle choices can affect our emotions. Linda is supportive and empathetic while you find your own way. She is firm when necessary. Not only have I returned to the confident and ambitious person I was before these disruptions showed up, but I’m better than I ever was. I am more present and I have a great deal of inner peace. I better understand my triggers and can typically identify the root cause of why I now feel or behave a certain way. I am able to reframe my story and move forward. I suspect I will always be working to better understand myself and be the best person I can be, but this process made me a far better person and I have Linda to thank. Jackie

Before finding Linda and EMDR, I had tried “talk therapy” on and off with little change. After another devastating end to an unhealthy relationship, I knew that I needed to do something. A family friend who was familiar with my past told me about EMDR and recommended that I find somebody that was experienced in it. I found a few licensed professionals in my area, but Linda called me back promptly and we started therapy soon after. I highly recommend Linda and this type of therapy! It healed the wounds from my past that had led to developing defense mechanisms and anxiety. Linda was great! I had a lot of trauma associated with childhood abuse and we worked through my problems in less than a year. After starting therapy, I moved for a job that was almost 2 hours away, but every session was worth the drive. Today I am anxiety free, well-adjusted and able to maintain healthy relationships. Linda and EMDR were life changing! I highly recommend giving this type of therapy a chance. AB

Linda is an amazingly talented therapist and an expert in her field. I have a great deal of respect for her and her abilities. I was referred to Linda for EMDR to help with a phobia I had developed which had disrupted my life. She was able to help me overcome that phobia, and she also helped me uncover an issue that I did not realize I was still harboring. (I thought I had addressed it previously and moved on from it.) With her help, I have broken through what I thought was a permanent block in my life—with incredible results. If she determines that she is able to help you and if you listen to her and are honest with her; while working on yourself with her guidance—you will be amazed with the results. I have referred someone to Linda that I am very close to and she has helped him a great deal as well. I cannot say enough good things about her—I highly recommend Linda Six. Mary Lynn

I've lived with depression and anxiety for much of my life. I've found help through medications and therapy but still struggled with significant trauma and feelings of being unable to control my thoughts related to those events.  I'd wake myself from crying out in the middle of a night from a bad dream. A friend suggested EMDR therapy.  It wasn't the first time I'd heard about it but it was the first time I was ready for it; albeit with some fear of having to revisit those events.  Under the guidance and care of Linda we tackled those moments together. EMDR has offered me a way to reclaim my thought process and Linda has offered specific effective tools to unlearn habits that no longer served me.  EMDR has afforded my life and my brain so much more space.  My words don't do this treatment justice.  It's as if I'd been walking in circles in a dark gray forest only to discover a way out--with pathways and trails that lead to scenes full of life and adventure.  Life suddenly doesn't seem as if it's something to be endured but something to embrace, enjoy and explore.  Thank you LInda for your dedication to this treatment.  IT WORKS.   CG