The future depends on

what you do in the present.


Are you experiencing any of the following--a sense of being overwhelmed, depressed, anxious, irritable/short tempered/angry, poor self esteem, lacking confidence, problems sleeping or concentrating? Have you had an event in your life that was painful and thought you could never recover from it? You may have tried to "get over it" or possibly your friends have told you to just "get over it"--but you haven't been able to. Have you ever asked yourself "Why don't I take better care of myself"? It's possible you have the knowledge of what to do but just can't seem to motivate yourself. If this sounds like you, then it may be time for help with someone who can assist you to feel better. I have a strong belief that healing and a sense of wellness is central to all of us. Sometimes we just need some help to get there.

Maybe you are doing well and would like to be doing better. This might be in areas of job performance, or sports performance, or with music, or the arts. Possibly you've considered advancing your skills to the next level, if so consider performance enhancement sessions as a way to help you achieve your goals.

As a practical, interactive, solution-focused therapist, my treatment approach is to provide support with insight and feedback to help you address current challenges and long standing issues. With sensitivity and compassion, I will help you bring resolution to a wide range of life challenges and psychological issues, as well as enhance your over-all sense of well-being and enjoyment of life.

With an integration of complimentary methods, I draw from a selection of styles and techniques ranging from traditional therapy to EMDR to Hypnosis in order to incorporate what is most helpful for each individual. Together, we can work towards building on your strengths and enhancing your well-being.